Ever since I was a small child, stones and shells have been a constant source of delight and fascination for me. Each one of them, with it's unique shape and color, was a tangible, permanent documentation of the ages revealed to me. I'd return home from hikes in the woods with my pockets filled with these stones and snail shells. They were too precious to leave behind. It was my way of bringing the day home with me. As my childhood passed into adulthood, each opportunity to travel was anticipated as a chance to add to my collection. These "gifts from the Earth" are the ultimate souvenirs from each exotic destination. Every piece of jewelry is carefully composed of these natural treasures along with the highest quality glass & crystal beads, metal findings, and components. Working in this way makes my designs impossible to duplicate. All are unique, artfully crafted entities. They are one of a kind and it is my sincere hope that these personal creations embellish your life with their richness and beauty.

My jewelry line is lovingly dedicated to my mother, Lucia Sanguedolce who came to the United States alone as a young woman in 1945. She left her parents, five sisters and two brothers in Sala Caserta, Italy with the promise that she would work hard to send for each one of them which she eventually accomplished. The journey of the Sanguedolce family brought them to a new and prosperous American life. I am eternally grateful for the "sweet blood” (sangue dolce) coursing through my veins.