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Sanguedolce Jewelry first began in 2000. Since then, it has grown into an innovative artisan studio.
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My work stems from many years of working as a designer, sculptor and painter. As a maker, my personal philosophy of beauty is enlightened by the aesthetics of Ancient and Classical History and travel to distant lands.


All of my pieces are carefully fabricated using a variety of metals. The gemstones are personally selected to fit the designs. Most are custom made using various lapidary techniques.


Sanguedolce is Italian. It means “sweetblood” and it is my Mother’s family name. My Grandfather was a skilled blacksmith in Caserta, Italy. The studio name Sanguedolce Jewelry is my tribute.


Sonya Baysinger
Sanguedolce Jewelry

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Sanguedolce Jewelry is a Company name of Sonya Baysinger.  All designs and fabrications are the property of Sonya Baysinger, affiliates, assigns and licensors.

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